HB 1923 Code Changes

The 2019 Washington State Legislature passed E2SHB 1923, encouraging all cities planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA) to increase residential building capacity.  $5 million in grant assistance was provided for local governments to adopt certain actions listed in RCW 36.70A.600 to achieve that goal. The list was amended in 2020 by HB 2343.  Awards have been made to 66 cities for code changes, housing action plans and sub-area plans, and three additional grants were made to partially planning jurisdictions for housing action plans and code changes.

This page provides examples of these actions as proposed or adopted by grantee jurisdictions and other examples of adopted code by Washington jurisdictions.

  1. Duplex/triplex/courtyard apartment
  2. Cluster zoning or lot size averaging
  3. Accessory dwelling units
  4. Subarea plan
  5. Planned action
  6. Infill exemption
  7. Form-based code
  8. Duplex on corner lot
  9. Short subdivision process
  10. Minimum net density of 6 du/acre
  11. Other Resources
  12. Presentations


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