Middle Housing Program

This page has two parts:  "Grant Program" and "Technical Support"

1. Grant Program

The Middle Housing Grant Program provides technical support (see section below) and grant funds to help eligible cities (currently, those within Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Kitsap counties) take actions toward allowing middle housing types on at least 30% of existing single family-zoned lots. Deliverables and invoicing for the 2022-2023 grant cycle need to be submitted on or around June 17, 2023. 

More information on future granting programs will be available on our grants webpage and in the GMA Newsletter. 

2. Technical Support

Based on feedback from city and county representatives, Commerce hired a three-person team of experienced professional to provide technical support toward inclusion of of middle housing in single-family zoning and related work by providing opportunities for:

  • Peer meetings with participating city representatives and Commerce staff to share information and bring up questions;
  • Information and guidance on a racial equity analysis and anti-displacement policies;
  • Considering results of a statewide housing issues survey, sponsored by Commerce and the Puget Sound Regional Council;
  • Viewing a new dedicated "Middle Housing" webpage with hyperlinks to useful resources;
  • Photo library;
  • Examples of middle housing work from other jurisdictions;
  • Providing input on a toolkit that may be considered by jurisdictions for development and design of middle housing;
  • Design packages, with definitions, graphics, and a menu of development/design standards (being developed by a well-known firm, Opticos, under contract with Commerce), which a city may choose to use in whole or part;
  • Pro formas for different middle housing types (to be developed by an experienced firm for Commerce, using the latest regional knowledge of construction costs);
  • Informational materials, including Powerpoint slides and a series of topical videos, for optional use in city presentations;
  • Suggestions and examples for community engagement strategies;
  • Data gathering assistance;
  • Draft "staff report" templates for key middle housing topics, which cities can choose to use or adapt;
  • Having a member of the Commerce's Middle Housing Technical Team co-present information or respond to questions at meetings of the city council or planning commission;
  • Direct communication with a Middle Housing Technical Team member for technical assistance or dialogue;
  • Other information to encourage a greater variety of housing and an increase in middle housing production.

Commerce provides additional technical assistance on a range of housing topics, including: racially disparate impacts, displacement, exclusion, and future housing needs.

Documents, resources, and examples have been provided in several folders connected to this webpage.  Folder information will be updated periodically.



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