Middle Housing Program

Grant Program

The 2023-2025 State Operating Budget (Senate Bill 5187) directs Commerce to administer grants and provide technical assistance to cities or counties for actions relating to adopting ordinances that plan for and accommodate housing. Commerce will make approximately $4.5 million available in statewide grants to implement House Bill 1110 (2023) supporting the development of middle housing. The first grant application window closed on Friday, September 15, 2023.  

More information on future granting programs will be available on our grants webpage and in the GMA Newsletter. 

Model Ordinances

HB 1110 (2023) directs Commerce to provide technical assistance including model ordinances, for implementing the bill. MAKERS Architecture and Urban Design has been selected to lead a team to develop middle housing model ordinances with the Department of Commerce, supported by Kimley-Horn, ECONorthwest and Ogden Murphy Wallace. The model ordinances will be shaped by stakeholder engagement along with the team’s expertise in middle housing policy, land use planning, development regulations and economic analysis. The final model ordinances and user guide will support the work of cities across the state to implement HB 1110.  House Bill 1110 requires Commerce to publish model ordinances by January 23, 2024. 

Commerce will publish draft model ordinances on or around November 1, 2023. This will begin a 30 day comment period. During this time we will host a public webinar on the draft. The webinar will be November 9, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. To register for that webinar please use this link

If you would like to receive more information on the Model Ordinance process, please sign up for our mailing list using this online form.

Commerce provides additional technical assistance on a range of housing topics, including: racially disparate impacts, displacement, exclusion, and future housing needs.

Documents, resources, and examples have been provided in several folders connected to this webpage.  Folder information will be updated periodically.

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