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Regional Transportation Improvement Program

What Is QUADCO's Regional Transportation Improvement Program?

This web page shows QUADCO's Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP). The RTIP includes the Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP) and amendments adopted by the cities, towns, counties, transit agencies, and Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Regions in QUADCO's region. These agencies provide their TIPs and amendments to QUADCO's lead agency as they occur, to be included in the RTIP. Agencies also submit thier TIP's to WSDOT so that federally funded, regionally significant, and other projects are included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as required.

The project list for each agency can be accessed by the links provided below. The comprised list of projects, updates and amendments on this site and on the link to the STIP is the current QUADCO RTIP as approved by the QUADCO Council.   2015-2018 Washington STIP.

Adopted TIPs and Amendments

 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
_QUADCO TIP 6-26-2017.pdf 957.3 KB
QUADCO RTIP 06/26/17 10:55 AM
2018 Electric City Six year TIP.pdf 75.6 KB Electric City 2018 6-yr TIP
Electric City 2018 6-yr TIP
Member Agency TIP 07/27/18 09:29 AM
2018 GrandCoulee Six Year Street Plan.pdf 873.7 KB Grand Coulee 6yr Street Plan
Grand Coulee 6yr Street Plan
Member Agency TIP 07/27/18 09:27 AM
3-28-2017_QUADCO TIP.pdf 445.1 KB
QUADCO RTIP 03/29/17 06:54 AM
6 year 18_23 2018 Budget ADOPTED.pdf 405.7 KB
QUADCO RTIP 09/25/17 11:59 AM
Cle Elum 6-Yr TIP 18-23.pdf 78.9 KB
Member Agency TIP 06/28/17 11:08 AM
Electric City 6-Yr TIP 18-23.pdf 72.9 KB
Member Agency TIP 06/28/17 11:09 AM
Ellensburg 6-Yr TIP 18-23.pdf 15.3 KB
Member Agency TIP 06/28/17 11:09 AM
George 6 -year TIP - 2018 to 2023.pdf 32.3 KB
Member Agency TIP 08/25/17 09:05 AM
Grand Coulee 6-YR TIP 18-23.pdf 905.2 KB
Member Agency TIP 06/28/17 11:09 AM
Grant County 6-yr TIP 18-23.pdf 1.3 MB
Member Agency TIP 05/10/18 02:40 PM
Harrington 6-yr TIP 18-23.pdf 106.6 KB
Member Agency TIP 08/17/17 03:25 PM
Lincoln County 6-year TIP 18-23.pdf 108.1 KB
Member Agency TIP 01/16/18 07:19 AM
Resolution 2019-02 Updating the Six Year Plan.pdf 108.8 KB
Member Agency TIP 06/03/19 12:06 PM
Sprague 6-Yr TIP 18-23.pdf.pdf 68.8 KB
Member Agency TIP 08/09/17 07:48 AM

Overview of the RTIP

Acting as the Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for jurisdictions within Adams, Grant, Kittitas and Lincoln Counties, QUADCO is required by Washington State regulations to develop a Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) at least once every two years or annually at local discretion. The RTIP is a financial plan that identifies federally-funded and regionally-significant transportation projects to be carried out by cities, counties, transit operators, and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) within QUADCO’s boundaries. All projects in the RTIP must be consistent with the QUADCO Regional Transportation Plan and meet state requirements for Title VI (civil rights) compliance. Additionally, projects using federal transportation dollars must be included in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for approval by WSDOT and federal transportation agencies (Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration) prior to the release of federal funds.

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