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MTCA Cleanup Rule

Comments on Preliminary Draft Rule Changes (First Rulemaking AO#18-09)

STAG members and their constituents are providing comments during the First MTCA Cleanup Rule Update, AO#18-09, Chapter 173-340 WAC, based on preliminary draft rule changes prepared by Ecology.  Topic headings link to review packets Ecology staff prepared for the advisory group.  Comments are grouped by rule sections, in the order they were discussed during STAG meetings in 2019 and 2020.


General / All Sections

STAG Meeting No. 2 Comments

Sections 310–330: Initial Investigations, Ranking, & Listing, which includes the SHARP Tool 

STAG Meeting No. 3 Comments

Section 300: Site Discovery & Reporting, Sections 350–360: Remedy Selection & Disproportionate Cost Analysis and Section 450: Leaking Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Process

STAG Meeting No. 4 Comments

Section 340: Biennial Program Report and Sections 350–360: Remedy Selection & Disproportionate Cost Analysis

STAG Meeting No. 5A5B and 5C Comments

Sections 350–360: Remedy Selection & Disproportionate Cost Analysis and Section 370: Expectations for Cleanup Rules