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VW Federal Enforcement Action

Funding eligibility and criteria

The federal settlement sets strict criteria for what investments are eligible for funding, including restrictions on engine types, model years, replacement or repower options, maximum funding percentages, and category restrictions. A federal trustee, Wilmington Trust, is in charge of disbursing funds from the federal settlement.

Funding from the federal settlement must:

  • Fully mitigate the total, lifetime excess nitrous dioxide emissions where the violating vehicles were, are, or will be operated.
  • Consider the beneficial impacts of funds on disproportionally impacted communities.

Applying for funding

We expect to make the initial awards from the federal settlement in spring/summer 2019. Our initial funding focus will be in these areas:

  • On-road heavy duty vehicles, such as electric transit buses
  • Marine vessels, including electric ferries and tugs
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

After finalizing the scope of the initial funding opportunities, we will submit project descriptions and funding requests, (called Mitigation Action Certifications in the Settlement) to the trustee.

View the Transit Bus grant guidelines.

Submitted applications will be uploaded to this page as we receive them.


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