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PFAS in Firefighting Foam

The Department of Ecology uses this site to share information and solicit feedback on the environmental, health, and social impacts of a collection and disposal program for firefighting foam containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The Washington State Legislature allocated funds for Ecology to collect, transport, and dispose of PFAS containing firefighting foam owned by municipal fire departments. 

The use of firefighting foam for emergencies and training is believed to be the source of PFAS ground and drinking water contamination around the state, including in communities such as Airway Heights, Issaquah, Lakewood, and on Whidbey Island. PFAS are called “forever chemicals” because there is no known natural process to break them down. PFAS are detrimental to both human and wildlife health at low levels and are found throughout the globe.

Ecology investigated disposal options for PFAS containing firefighting foam and conducted a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review. A third-party consultant completed a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) reviewing the disposal program’s impact upon the environment and public health. The public comment period ran from December 20, 2023 through February 5, 2024. We're currently reviewing comments and plan to publish the final EIS in May 2024.

Learn about the EIS process in our What is an EIS? focus sheet.

To stay updated on Ecology’s EIS, subscribe to the firefighting foam email list.

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 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
AFFFDEIS_InfoMeetingPresentation_Jan2024.pdf 4.6 MB Presentation for Jan. 17 information meeting
Presentation for Jan. 17 information meeting
None 01/16/24 05:10 PM
Foam SEPA Check List_Sep2020.pdf 207.4 KB SEPA Checklist
SEPA Checklist
None 03/02/23 02:12 PM
Ecology DNS Cover letter_Sep2020.pdf 70.6 KB Cover Letter: Determination of Non-Significance
Cover Letter: Determination of Non-Significance
None 03/02/23 02:12 PM
DS Scoping Comment Summary 2022.pdf 6.4 MB Summary Report on Scoping Comments
Summary Report on Scoping Comments
Comments 05/25/22 01:41 PM
01.19.2020_DS_EIS_Issuance.pdf 141.2 KB Determination of Significance, call for comments
Determination of Significance, call for comments
Environment Impact S... 01/19/21 08:03 AM
01.15..2020_DNS_Withdrawal.pdf 107.7 KB Withdrawal of the Determination of Non-Significanc...
Withdrawal of the Determination of Non-Significance
Environment Impact S... 01/19/21 08:02 AM

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