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Offset - Environmental Justice Offset Working Group

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Working group background

Washington's cap-and-invest program adopted four offset protocols related to forestry, urban forestry, methane digesters on dairy and swine farms, and ozone depleting substances from California's cap-and-trade program. Ecology is now in the process of revising and adapting the protocols. 

The Environmental Justice Offset Working Group will be comprised of individuals with expertise in environmental justice and injustice. Members will help inform environmental justice considerations related to offset protocol changes proposed during the offset rulemaking process. This working group will happen in parallel to technical working groups.

Meeting schedule

The working group is expected to begin in late spring or early summer. They will meet once a month for 2 hours and have 1-2 hours of preparation time. 

Apply to be a member

Applications are currently not open. Applicants may be community members or staff representing organizations with an environmental justice focus or organizations serving vulnerable populations. Please email Nikki Harris with questions.

Technical working groups

Ecology will have the following technical working groups comprised of individuals with experience in offset projects:


Working Group Contact

Nikki Harris, Rule Lead

Jordan Wildish, Offsets Lead Planner


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