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Burnt Bridge Creek Partnership

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What is the Burnt Bridge Creek Partnership?

The Burnt Bridge Creek watershed located in Vancouver, Washington, is on Washington State's polluted waters list (303d list) for warm water temperatures, bacteria, dissolved oxygen, and pH pollution problems, which drives the need to develop a Water Cleanup Plan. In October 2020, the Burnt Bridge Creek Source Assessment Report  was published to identify critical areas for water quality improvement. This Source Assessment identifies portions of Burnt Bridge Creek that are not meeting water quality standards. The report also identifies the largest shade deficits in the watershed to focus tree planting efforts, and determines the bacteria reductions needed to meet water quality standards. 

To implement recommendations from the Source Assessment, the Burnt Bridge Creek Partnership was formed in February 2021 to develop and implement the Water Cleanup Plan. This Water Cleanup Plan will focus on best management practices and implementation actions to improve water quality. The Partnership will meet regularly through 2022. 

Questions about the Burnt Bridge Creek Partnership should be directed to Devan Rostorfer, Water Quality Specialist, Washington State Department of Ecology. 


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Agenda_BurntBridgeCreek_WaterQuality_Kickoff_Feb2021.pdf 541.1 KB Agenda - February 2021
Agenda - February 2021
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Presentation_BurntBridgeCreek_Overview_Feb2021.pdf 4.9 MB Presentation - February 2021
Presentation - February 2021
Presentation 02/03/21 01:58 PM
Presentation_BurntBridgeCreek_SourceAssessment_Feb2021.pdf 4.6 MB Presentation - February 2021
Presentation - February 2021
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MeetingSummary_BurntBridgeCreek_February2021.pdf 523 KB Meeting Summary - February 2021
Meeting Summary - February 2021
Meeting Summary 02/03/21 06:00 PM

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