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Structural Stormwater Controls Stakeholder Process

Municipal Stormwater Permit Requirement: Structural Stormwater Controls

The Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit includes a program requirement for Structural Stormwater Controls (SSC), which requires Permittees to prevent or reduce impacts to waters of the state caused by discharges from the MS4s. The SSC program is intended to address impacts not adequately controlled by other required actions of the permit. 

The permit describes 11 eligible project types that can be implemented to meet the SSC program requirement. Information on the SSC requirement and project types is in Appendix 12 of the Phase I permit.

For the first time, the 2019-2024 Phase I permit requires permittees to meet a minimum level of effort in implementing their SSC programs. 

 SSC Science Synthesis

We took a stepwise approach to the stakeholder process to inform the SSC program requirement for the 2024-2029 permit. We began by conducting a review of available scientific information about the relative environmental benefits of SSC project types. This resulted in the SSC Science Synthesis Report, which will inform the next phase of the stakeholder process: convening a Policy Advisory Committee to develop recommendations for the 2024 Permits.

 SSC Policy Advisory Committee

The SSC Policy Advisory Committee (SSC PAC) will use the SSC Science Synthesis to review the structure and method for measuring the level of effort by permittees implementing SSC programs. The SSC PAC will also develop recommendations regarding a proposed approach for a retrofit requirement for the WWA Phase II permit.


Contact Abbey Stockwell at abbey.stockwell@ecy.wa.gov with any questions.

Upcoming Events

SSC PAC Meetings

Meeting agendas will be posted below in "Documents" closer to meeting dates

December 7, 2022 1-4pm

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Past Events

November 15, 2022 1-4pm Meeting #7

October 25, 2022 1-4pm Meeting #6

September 21, 2022 1-4pm Meeting #5

August 24, 2022 1-4pm Meeting #4

July 6, 2022 SSC PAC Meeting #3

May 31, 2022 SSC PAC Meeting #2

May 5, 2022 SSC PAC Meeting #1

Structural Stormwater Control Informational Seminar
Feb. 8, 2022 1 to 4 p.m.
On Feb. 8, we hosted an informational seminar on the current Structural Stormwater Control Program (SSC) in the Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit as well as similar capital programs implemented by Western Washington Phase II Permittees. This seminar will inform the future discussions of the Policy Advisory Committee on the SSC Program.



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12.7.22PACAgenda.docx 17.4 KB Dec Meeting Agenda
Dec Meeting Agenda
Agenda 11/30/22 09:57 AM
November 15 Slides_.pdf 392.9 KB Jim Nelson's PPT from November 15th Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from November 15th Meeting
Presentations 11/16/22 10:54 AM
October 25 Slides.pdf 296.3 KB Jim Nelson's PPT from October 25th Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from October 25th Meeting
Presentations 11/15/22 09:45 AM
11.15.22_DraftAgenda.docx 16.2 KB November meeting agenda
November meeting agenda
Agenda 11/09/22 10:03 AM
10.25.22 PAC Notes.docx 62.9 KB 10.25.22 meeting notes
10.25.22 meeting notes
Word Doc 11/09/22 10:02 AM
DraftOctober25Agenda.docx 15.9 KB Draft agenda 10/25/22
Draft agenda 10/25/22
Agenda 10/18/22 01:14 PM
9.21.22 PAC Notes.docx 55.5 KB 9.21.22 meeting notes
9.21.22 meeting notes
Word Doc 10/18/22 01:11 PM
September 21 Slides.pdf 1.1 MB Jim Nelson's PPT from September 21st Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from September 21st Meeting
Presentations 09/30/22 10:24 AM
9.21.22PACAgendaDraft2.docx 15.3 KB 9/21/22 PAC Agenda
9/21/22 PAC Agenda
Agenda 09/16/22 10:35 AM
8.24.22 PAC Notes.docx 57.2 KB 8.24.22 Meeting Notes
8.24.22 Meeting Notes
Word Doc 09/16/22 10:34 AM
August 24th Agenda.docx 13.4 KB
Agenda 08/16/22 04:49 PM
7.6.22PACDraftNotesRevised.docx 60.7 KB Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes
Word Doc 08/16/22 04:48 PM
July 6 Final Slides JN.pdf 1.5 MB Jim Nelson's PPT from July 6th Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from July 6th Meeting
Presentations 07/07/22 01:11 PM
Point System Description-Doug Howie.pdf 648 KB 6/6/2022 Point System Presentation
6/6/2022 Point System Presentation
Presentations 07/06/22 12:26 PM
7.6.22DraftAgenda.docx 12.1 KB
Agenda 06/27/22 11:29 AM
5.31.22 PAC Notes_Final.docx 233.2 KB 5/31/2022 PAC Notes
5/31/2022 PAC Notes
Word Doc 06/21/22 02:00 PM
May 31 Slides JN fINAL.pdf 1.4 MB Jim Nelson's PPT from May 31st Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from May 31st Meeting
Presentations 06/01/22 03:22 PM
Agenda May 31 2022.docx 12.4 KB 5/31/2022 PAC Agenda
5/31/2022 PAC Agenda
Agenda 05/24/22 03:57 PM
5.5.22PACNotes_Draft.docx 64 KB 5/5/2022 PAC Notes
5/5/2022 PAC Notes
Word Doc 05/24/22 03:49 PM
SSCPAC5.5.22Final.pdf 1.8 MB 5/5/2022 PAC presentation
5/5/2022 PAC presentation
Presentations 05/09/22 02:19 PM
SSCPAC5.5.22_JNelson.pdf 243.6 KB Jim Nelson's PPT from May 5th Meeting
Jim Nelson's PPT from May 5th Meeting
Presentations 05/06/22 10:53 AM
5.5.22PACAgenda.pdf 168.7 KB 5/5/2022 PAC agenda
5/5/2022 PAC agenda
Agenda 05/02/22 09:40 AM
SSC.History.Seminar.2.8.22.pdf 1.9 MB Feb 8, 2022 SSC Seminar presentation
Feb 8, 2022 SSC Seminar presentation
None 04/21/22 10:20 AM
Nov 21 SSC webinar.notes.pptx 3.6 MB Introduction to the SSC Process
Introduction to the SSC Process
Presentations 11/25/19 10:06 AM

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