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Legacy Pesticide Working Group

Lead Arsenate Spraying 1920s

Legacy Pesticide Working Group  

** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all in-person meetings have moved to an online format **

We plan to meet online until in-person meetings are allowed to take place again. 


The Legacy Pesticide Working Group (LPWG) started meeting in February 2020 to address the complex issues surrounding lead and arsenic contamination on former orchard lands. Primary objectives for the LPWG include:

  • Create a process for all properties to be evaluated (i.e., sampled)
  • Notify buyers and/or current homeowners about the specifics of contamination on their property (Was it an old orchard? Was it sampled? What were the results? Was it cleaned up?)
  • Identify actions that meet Ecology’s cleanup regulations
  • Create a broad-based education strategy for the public about the manageable risk from lead and arsenic contamination



Lead arsenate was widely used throughout central Washington to control codling moth infestations to fruit trees in the early half of the 20th Century. This resulted in widespread lead and arsenic contamination in former orchard lands in certain counties – mostly Yakima, Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and parts of Benton. Nearly 115,000 acres of land in Central Washington are considered historic orchard lands and are potentially contaminated by lead and arsenic. 

Maps can be found here




        Kickoff Meeting                 

February 6, 2020
WA Ecology CRO Office
Union Gap

Meeting 1 Summary
Operating Principles
Q&A from Meeting 1

Small Group Meetings - 1

May 14 Group 1 - Buyer Notification, Soil Sampling & Mapping 

May 13 Group 2A - Local Level Planning & Permitting

May 13 Group 2B - Construction & Development

May 20 Group 3 - Public Outreach & Education 

Small Group Meetings - 2

June 25 Group 1 - Buyer Notification, Soil Sampling & Mapping

June 22 Group 2A - Local Level Planning & Permitting

June 26 Group 2B - Construction & Development

June 26 Group 3 - Public Outreach & Education


Meeting Materials:

2003 Area Wide Task Force Recommendations                           2003 Area Wide Task Force Implementation
DOH Lead health effects poster DOH Health Effects presentation
Lead Health Effects FAQ Arsenic Health Effects FAQ
Soil Contamination Evaluation  
ECY Introduction Presentation ECY Station materials
Be alert in the dirt lesson plans  Lead and Arsenic in the Soil Brochure
Healthy Gardening Brochure Landscaping and Gardening Safely 
Dirt Alert Poster - English Dirt Alert Poster - Spanish 
Garden Brochure  Healthy Actions - English and Korean 
Real Estate Disclosure Form Focus Sheet: Real Estate Transactions on Lead Arsenic Contaminated Lands
FAQ: Sampling for Lead and Arsenic Residential Developments on Former Orchard Lands
Working in Lead and Arsenic Contaminated Soil  


Lead and Arsenic Blog Posts:

Legacies of Lead and Arsenic - Part 1

Legacies of Lead and Arsenic - Part 2

Legacies of Lead and Arsenic - Part 3

Digging Into Specifics - Learn What's Coming up for the Legacy Pesticide Working Group 

Keeping the Legacy Pesticide Working Group Moving Forward 

Looking Back to Look Forward



Clint   Adamson Owner Pleasant Ridge Construction clint@pleasantridgeconstruction.com
Lori   Barnett Community Development Director City of East Wenatchee  lbarnett@east-wenatchee.com
Steve   Bishop Realtor Premier One Properties sbish@nwi.net
Jim   Blair President North Meridian Title and Escrow, LLC jblair4@nmtitlegroup.com
Mark Botello Community Development Director Douglas County mbotello@co.douglas.wa.us 
Lilian   Bravo Public Health Partnership Director Yakima Health District lilian.bravo@co.yakima.wa.us
Joan   Davenport Director of Community Development City of Yakima joan.davenport@yakimawa.gov
Joseph Calhoun Planning Manager City of Yakima joseph.calhoun@yakimawa.gov
Jon  DeVaney President Washington State Tree Fruit Association jon@wstfa.org
Glen  Devries Community Development Director City of Wenatchee gdevries@wenatcheewa.gov
Dean   Emanuels VP, Chief Appraiser Washington Trust Bank demanuels@watrust.com
Doug   England Commissioner Chelan County doug.england@co.chelan.wa.us
Pete   Fraley Attorney Ogden Murphy Wallace pfraley@omwlaw.com
Craig   Gildroy Planning Director City of Chelan  cgildroy@cityofchelan.us
Keith   Goehner Representative  12th Legislative District keith.goehner@leg.wa.gov
Byron  Gumz Senior Project Planner Yakima County byron.gumz@co.yakima.wa.us
Rob  Jammerman Public Works Director City of Wenatchee  rjammerman@wenatcheewa.gov
Paul  Jewell Policy Director WSAC pjewell@wsac.org
Josh   Jorgenson Board of Directors President Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce jorgensenjosh1@gmail.com
Barry  Kling Administrator Chelan-Douglas Health District barry.kling@cdhd.wa.gov
Hank  Lewis Former Chelan Co. Community Development Director & Consultant Local homebuilding interests hanklewis1@gmail.com
Curtis    Lillquist Principal Planner Douglas County clillquist@co.douglas.wa.us
Ryan  Mathews Principal Fulcrum rmathews@efulcrum.net
Jake   Mayson Government Affairs Director Central Washington Homebuilders Association jmayson@cwhba.org
Carol   McCormick MSN Nursing Director  Chelan-Douglas Health District carol.mccormick@cdhd.wa.gov
Joanne  Melton Real Estate Agent Keller Williams Realty joanne@joannemelton.com
Deb   Miller Executive Director Action Health Partners deb.miller@cc-ahp.com
Don   Mounter Project Manager Pipkin Construction don@pipkininc.com
Dereck   Nelson Sales and Customer Relations DH Construction dereck@dhconstructioninc.com
Mike  Shuttleworth Planning Manager Yakima Valley Council of Governments mike.shuttleworth@yvcog.org
Kyle   Steinburg Commissioner Douglas County ksteinburg@co.douglas.wa.us
Judy   Warnick Senator  13th Legislative District judy.warnick@leg.wa.gov


Ecology wants to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Jill Scheffer
Section Planner, Toxics Cleanup Program
Washington Department of Ecology
Central Region Office
1250 West Alder Street
Union Gap, WA 98903

If you are a member of the media, please contact: 

Cheryl Ann Bishop, PhD
Toxics Cleanup Program
Communications Manager
Desk: 360-407-6848;
Cell: 360-819-6247 


 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
03-09-050.pdf 14 MB 2003 Lead and Arsenic Task Force Report 2
2003 Lead and Arsenic Task Force Report 2
LPWG Background Mate... 02/04/20 08:25 AM
03-09-102.pdf 1.9 MB 2003 Lead and Arsenic Task Force Report
2003 Lead and Arsenic Task Force Report
LPWG Background Mate... 02/04/20 08:24 AM
LPWG.FINALMtg1Agenda.pdf 136.7 KB LPWG Meeting 1 - FINAL Agenda
LPWG Meeting 1 - FINAL Agenda
Meeting minutes 02/04/20 08:22 AM
tfacts13.pdf 368.8 KB Lead - ToxFAQs
Lead - ToxFAQs
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:56 PM
tfacts2.pdf 93.9 KB Arsenic ToxFAQs
Arsenic ToxFAQs
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:56 PM
334-187.pdf 133.9 KB Soil Contamination Evaluation Eastern and Central ...
Soil Contamination Evaluation Eastern and Central Washington Schools Fact Sheet – 2009
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:55 PM
DOH Lead Health Effects Poster (Ecology meeting Union Gap Feb 6).pdf 1.2 MB DOH Lead Health Effects Poster
DOH Lead Health Effects Poster
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:54 PM
LPWG Operating Principles v.2.3.20.pdf 125.4 KB LPWG Operating Principles
LPWG Operating Principles
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:52 PM
FAQ Lead and Arsenic in Soil at Old Fruit Orchards - Wisconsin.pdf 813.5 KB FAQ Lead and Arsenic in Soil at Old Fruit Orchards...
FAQ Lead and Arsenic in Soil at Old Fruit Orchards - Wisconsin
LPWG Background Mate... 02/03/20 02:51 PM

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