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Safer Products for Washington

The Departments of Ecology and Health will use this site to share information and draft documents as we implement Chapter 70A.350 Revised Code of Washington (formerly Chapter 70.365 RCW). Our implementation program for the law is called Safer Products for Washington.

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Where we are in the implementation process

We incorporated feedback from our stakeholders, conducted additional research, and submitted our final report on priority consumer products to the Legislature for their consideration. To review a summary of the updated list of priority products we included in our report, read our May 2020 stakeholder update.

We are now researching whether safer alternatives are available and feasible for the priority products we listed.

Learn about our Phase 3 work in our webinar materials

We hosted two webinars to outline our requirements in Phase 3 and our draft criteria for identifying safer alternatives to priority chemical classes that are feasible and available. We invited stakeholders to provide feedback, and we will continue offering more engagement opportunities as we develop the criteria further.

Please reach out to us at SaferProductsWA@ecy.wa.gov to share questions, comments, or information on our criteria. The criteria will serve as the technical foundation for our work throughout Phase 3, so we want to involve our stakeholders early in the process. To learn more, review the presentation slides from August 25 or from October 8, and read our question and answer document.

Stakeholder advisory process

The law requires us to develop a stakeholder advisory process by June 1, 2020. We have been working to engage interested parties at every major stage in our implementation process. We aim for transparency and to involve our stakeholders in decisions affecting their lives and businesses. To learn more about our progress to date, read our stakeholder engagement process.

Safer Products for Washington background

Chapter 70A.350 RCW (formerly Chapter 70.365 RCW) creates a process for Ecology, in consultation with Health, to regulate classes of chemicals in consumer products. The law requires us to designate priority chemicals, identify products that contain these chemicals, determine regulatory actions, and adopt rules to implement regulatory actions. Chemical restrictions require that safer alternatives are feasible and available. The law outlines steps that involve stakeholder consultation, legislative reporting, and rulemaking.

The first set of priority chemical classes were identified in the law. They are:

  • Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) 
  • Phthalates
  • Organohalogen flame retardants and flame retardants identified in RCW 70.240.010 
  • Phenolic compounds
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Learn more about PFAS and get information about how to reduce exposure to PFAS and other chemicals in your home.

The first five deadlines in the law are:

Due date  Task 
June 2020     Priority products – Report to the Legislature
June 2020 Create a stakeholder advisory process
June 2022 Regulatory action determinations – Report to the Legislature
June 2023 Rule adoption
June 2024 Second set of priority chemicals – Report to the Legislature

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August_2019_Webinar_Presentation.pdf 1.4 MB August 2019 Webinar Presentation Slides
August 2019 Webinar Presentation Slides
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August 2019 Webinar Attendees
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August 2019 Webinar Questions and Answers
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September_2019_Stakeholder_Email.pdf 596.9 KB September 2019 Stakeholder Update
September 2019 Stakeholder Update
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January_2020_Stakeholder_Email.pdf 595.8 KB January 2020 Stakeholder Update
January 2020 Stakeholder Update
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Draft Report on Priority Consumer Products
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January 2020 Focus on: Safer Products for WA
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February 2020 Webinar Presentation Slides
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February 2020 Webinar Questions and Answers
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Stakeholder Engagement Process
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May_2020_Stakeholder_Email.pdf 191.7 KB May 2020 Stakeholder Update
May 2020 Stakeholder Update
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Report on Priority Consumer Products
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August_2020_Webinar_Presentation.pdf 4.3 MB August 2020 Webinar Presentation Slides
August 2020 Webinar Presentation Slides
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August 2020 Webinar Attendees
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October 2020 Webinar Presentation
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October_2020_Webinar_Attendees.pdf 173.6 KB October 2020 Webinar Attendees
October 2020 Webinar Attendees
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Phase 3 Webinars — Questions and Answers
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