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Brownfields Conference

2019 Washington Brownfields Conference

Thank you for visiting our page that hosts documents related to the Washington Brownfields Conference held in Spokane May 29 - 30, 2019. The goal of this conference was to bring together public and private sector stakeholders and tribes in Washington and the Inland Northwest to share information on brownfields redevelopment successes and future opportunities. Please visit Ecology's Brownfields Program website for more information.

Conference program and Spokane brownfields tour guides

Session presentations

Session 1B (same as 2A and 3A): Brownfields Redevelopment Boot Camp

Session 2B: How to Attract Redevelopment to Your Brownfield Through Incentives and Effective Positioning

Session 2C: Tribal Brownfields

Session 3B: From Liability to Ability, Getting a Brownfield Redeveloped

Session 3C: Creating Community Vision

Session 4A: Technical Challenges for Redeveloping Brownfields, Focus on Vapor Intrusion

Session 4B: Integrating Brownfields into Community Planning & Economic Development Goals

Session 4C: Mt. Baker Housing’s Maddux Project, Affordable Housing Brownfield Case Study

Session 5A: Addressing Old Gas Stations

Session 5B: Creative Cleanup & Reuse Strategies

Session 5C: Affordable Housing Challenges & Resources

Session 6A: Approaches & Resources for Managing Asbestos-Containing Building Materials

Session 6B: Funding Beyond Cleanup

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