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Clean Fuel Standard program documents

Participants in the Clean Fuel Standard program can find guidance documents, user guides, and forms and templates to support program participation. To stay informed when new documents are added, and for general program information, join our email list.

User Guides

Producers and suppliers of regulated fuels to Washington consumers must participate and register in the Washington Fuels Reporting System (WFRS) and Alternative Fuel Portal (AFP). Guidance on how to register accounts and fuel supply equipment, and how to apply for a fuel pathway.

  • WFRS-CBTS User Guide – This user guide gives instructions about how to register for an account in Washington Fuels Reporting System - Credit Bank and Transfer System
  • AFP User Guide – This user guide gives instructions about how to register for an account in the Alternative Fuel Portal
  • Fuel Supply Equipment Registration User Guide -- This user guide gives instructions about how to register FSE in WFRS



Guidance Documents

Fast Charging Infrastructure (FCI) Pathway Documents

FCI applications can be approved until estimated potential FCI credits from all approved applications exceed 2.5 percent of deficits in the prior quarter. The table below shows the prior quarter deficits and will be updated quarterly. The estimated potential FCI credits will be updated as applications are approved. 

Total deficits generated in Q3 2023 224,749
2.5% limit based on Q3 2023 deficits 5,619
Estimated Potential FCI credits -

Electric Utility-Specific Carbon Intensity 2024 and updated values for 2023

Fuel Pathways

Temporary Fuel Pathway Applications  

Posted DateTemporary Fuel Pathway DescriptionComment deadlineComments receivedDecision
Nov. 2, 2023 Establishing Temporary Fuel Pathways Codes and Carbon Intensity Values for Renewable Naphtha and Renewable Gasoline Blendstock Dec. 17, 2023 1. Phillips 66 Temporary pathways- approved
Montana Renewables, LLC application  materials

Participation fee

We charge a fee to participate in the Clean Fuel Standard program. This fee covers the cost of administering the program and is based on the estimated budget for the coming year. 

View the current list of registered program participants

Non-residential electric vehicle chargers

June 5, 2024: Registered non-residential EV chargers

Focus sheets and other informational materials

Contact information

Clean Fuel Standard staff

To request ADA accommodation, call Ecology at 360-407-6831, 711 (relay service), or 877-833-6341 (TTY). Or request accommodation online.


 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
CFS_FSE_Registration.xlsx 509 KB Fuel Supply Equipment Registration
Fuel Supply Equipment Registration
Templates 02/09/23 04:20 PM
CFS_FSE_DetailSheet.xlsx 411.1 KB Fuel Supply Equipment Detail Sheet
Fuel Supply Equipment Detail Sheet
Templates 02/09/23 04:21 PM
Backstop Aggregator -Request for Applications Feb 14 2023.pdf 361.8 KB
Backstop Aggregator 02/15/23 04:25 PM
CFS-ObligationEstimator_May 2023.xlsx 69.4 KB
Templates 05/11/23 10:30 AM
2021 WA Utility CI Calculator April 30 2023.xlsx 209.6 KB
None 05/11/23 10:57 AM
WA-ECY-Approved CARB or OR-DEQ CertifiedPathways61523.xlsx 21.7 KB
Fuel Pathway Codes 06/15/23 11:14 AM
Clean Fuel Standard program participants registerd by MAR.15.2023.pdf 267.9 KB
Program - General 09/21/23 03:19 PM
Temporary FPC for Proposed RN and RG.pdf 119.6 KB Temp Fuel Path Applicaiton
Temp Fuel Path Applicaiton
Fuel Pathway Codes 11/02/23 07:37 AM
Montana Renewables, LLC Temporary Pathway application.pdf 481.4 KB Temp Fuel Path Applicaiton
Temp Fuel Path Applicaiton
Fuel Pathway Codes 11/02/23 07:37 AM
Updated Final 2021 WA Utility CI Calculator_Dec162023.xlsx 207.8 KB
None 12/21/23 09:23 AM
Draft 2022 WA Utility CI Calculator_Dec152023.xlsx 225.9 KB
None 12/21/23 09:25 AM
Residential_Electricity_Reporting_Template.xlsx 9.7 MB
Templates 12/21/23 10:28 AM
NonResidential_Chargers_122123.xlsx 138.3 KB
Templates 12/21/23 10:34 AM
Final_ temporary FPC for renewable naphtha.pdf 118.2 KB
Fuel Pathway Codes 12/21/23 11:45 AM
Phillips 66 Comments on Proposed Temp. FPC for Renewable Naphtha and Renewable Gasoline Blendstock.pdf 126.7 KB
Fuel Pathway Codes 12/21/23 11:49 AM
Clean Fuel Standard Proposed Participation Fee 2024.pdf 377.5 KB
None 02/01/24 09:33 AM
Updated 2023 WA Utility CI Calculator.xlsx 212.1 KB
None 02/01/24 11:26 AM
2024 WA Utility CI Calculator.xlsx 221.5 KB
None 02/01/24 11:26 AM
Clean Fuel Standard_NonResidential_Chargers_02_08_2024.xlsx 134.1 KB NonResidential Chargers Feb 8 2024
NonResidential Chargers Feb 8 2024
Program - General 02/08/24 03:49 PM
CFS_MCON_Excel.xlsx 30.4 KB
Templates 02/14/24 11:39 AM
fci_cr_template_20XX_QX.xlsm 419.2 KB
Templates 03/06/24 04:29 PM
Clean Fuel Standard Participation Fee 2024 Workload and Write-up - FINAL.pdf 435.5 KB 2024 Participation Fee
2024 Participation Fee
Program - General 03/15/24 08:58 AM
Clean Fuel Standard 2024 fee - list of deficit generators.pdf 187.6 KB
Program - General 03/18/24 01:05 PM
WA CFS_Tier1RenewDiesel_updated041022024.xlsm 759.8 KB
Fuel Pathway Codes 04/16/24 09:02 AM
Updated 2021 WA Utility CI Calculator_updatedMarch24.xlsx 212.1 KB
Program - General 05/14/24 09:00 AM
Final2022 WA Utility CI Calculator_updatedMay24.xlsx 221.6 KB
Program - General 05/14/24 09:04 AM
CleanFuelStandard_NonResidential_Chargers_06_05_2024.xlsx 157 KB CFS Registered Non-Residential EV Chargers
CFS Registered Non-Residential EV Chargers
None 06/05/24 01:23 PM
FCI_Application_Template.xlsx 140 KB
Templates 06/05/24 01:45 PM
Residential_Electricity_Reporting_Template_2024.xlsx 9.7 MB
Templates 06/07/24 02:25 PM

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