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Nutrients General Permit Advisory Committee


The Puget Sound Nutrients General Permit Advisory Committee was convened to advise Ecology in drafting general permit requirements for domestic wastewater treatment plants discharging directly to Puget Sound. The committee will work to develop a suite of recommendations that will ensure progress towards nutrient reduction during the first permit term. These final recommendations will inform permit conditions that will be released for informal public comment in the preliminary draft.

If you have questions about the Nutrients General Permit process, please contact Eleanor Ott at PSNutrientsGP@ecy.wa.gov.

Upcoming Meetings 

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August 20, 2020

September 30, 2020

October 21, 2020

Shared Resources

Past Meetings

July 16, 2020

June 10, 2020

May 13, 2020

April 15, 2020

March 4, 2020

Advisory Committee Members

Mark Sadler  City of Everett Public Works
Joe Grogan  Town of Coupeville
Dan Thompson  City of Tacoma
Rebecca Singer  King County DNRP, Wastewater Treatment Division 
Patrick Kongslie  Pierce County Planning and Public Works - Sewer Division/PNCWA Olympia Section
Wendy Steffensen  LOTT Clean Water Alliance
Pete Tjemsland  City of Sequim
Jeff Clarke  Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts
Bruce Wishart
 Puget Soundkeeper
Mindy Roberts  Washington Environmental Council
Jenny Wu  EPA
Valerie Smith  WA Department of Commerce
Chip Anderson  Lummi Tribal Water and Sewer District
Eleanor Ott Department of Ecology



 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
NGPAC_Agenda_4_15_2020.pdf 636.3 KB April 2020 Agenda
April 2020 Agenda
#NEW_CATEGORY# 04/08/20 09:57 AM
PSNGP_AC_Mtg_1_2020-04-15_final.pdf 1 MB April 15 meeting slides
April 15 meeting slides
#NEW_CATEGORY# 04/15/20 08:32 AM
Copy of Mean and Median 10k BootStrap CI Calculator.xlsm 296.1 KB
None 04/15/20 02:49 PM
Virginia DEQ Interim Limit Memo.pdf 203.4 KB
None 04/15/20 02:50 PM
NutrientGP_ACKickoff_Webinar.pdf 1 MB Kickoff Webinar Slides
Kickoff Webinar Slides
Presentation 04/15/20 02:53 PM
EPA Nutrient Limit Memo.pdf 443.7 KB
None 04/21/20 09:54 AM
Final_PSNGP_AC_Meeting01Summary_15April2020.pdf 622.4 KB April 15 Meeting Notes
April 15 Meeting Notes
Meeting notes 05/06/20 02:07 PM
PSNGP_AC_Example_Data_Set_2020_05_13.xlsx 36.8 KB
None 05/06/20 02:08 PM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting_2_Agenda_2020_05_13.pdf 802.9 KB May 13 Meeting Agenda
May 13 Meeting Agenda
Agenda 05/06/20 02:08 PM
PSNGP_AC_RR_13May2020.pdf 553.8 KB Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
None 05/06/20 02:09 PM
PSNGP_AC_PublicQA_15April2020.pdf 571.3 KB
None 05/06/20 02:14 PM
PSNGP_AC_Mtg_2_2020_05_13.pdf 823.5 KB
Presentation 05/13/20 08:49 AM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting02Summary_13May2020 (002).pdf 676.5 KB May Meeting Summary
May Meeting Summary
None 06/02/20 12:51 PM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting_3_Agenda_2020_06_10.pdf 754.7 KB
None 06/02/20 12:52 PM
Evolving PSNGP AC recommendations.pdf 750.8 KB Evolving Draft Recommendations
Evolving Draft Recommendations
None 06/02/20 12:52 PM
June10_BNR_Seasonal_v_Annual_Slides.pdf 855.6 KB
None 06/03/20 05:06 PM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting03Summary_10June2020.pdf 846.1 KB
Meeting notes 07/01/20 08:57 AM
PSNGP AC evolving recommendations_2020_07_08.pdf 911.7 KB
Handout 07/08/20 08:58 AM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting_4_Agenda_2020_07_16.pdf 764.4 KB
Agenda 07/15/20 10:21 AM
2018SeptageManagementSummary2007018.pdf 287 KB
None 07/15/20 10:26 AM
LOTT Wastwater Resource Management Plan 1998.pdf 7.8 MB
Handout 07/21/20 08:40 AM
PSNGP AC evolving recommendations.pdf 955.4 KB
Handout 07/30/20 04:34 PM
PSNGP_AC_Meeting04Summary_16July2020.pdf 869.6 KB
Meeting notes 07/30/20 04:34 PM

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