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Clean Fuel Standard program documents

Monthly Credit Transaction Reports

These reports contain the volume of credits traded and the average credit price. We will post the most recent monthly report after the previous month's transactions. Previous months can be found below under 'Documents'.

Quarterly Data Summary

These reports provide an overview of the volumes and types of fuels participating in the program. It also includes the number of deficits and credits generated by fuels, based on quarterly data submitted by registered parties. After each quarter, we will post a summary of the data.

Annual Cost Estimates

WAC 173-424-710(5) requires the Department of Ecology to estimate the average cost or cost savings per gallon of gasoline or diesel and the total greenhouse gas emissions reductions attributable to the Clean Fuel Standard each year. 


 File NameFile SizeDescriptionCategoryDate Added
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_July2023.xlsx 37.1 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 09/14/23 11:18 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_August2023.xlsx 39 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 09/14/23 11:19 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_September2023.xlsx 37.5 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 10/05/23 12:58 PM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_October 2023.xlsx 37.8 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 11/14/23 09:26 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_November2023.xlsx 46.4 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 12/07/23 08:39 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_December2023.xlsx 46.6 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 01/08/24 11:55 AM
CFSquarterlysummary_Q22023 TABLE format.xlsx 40.7 KB
#NEW_CATEGORY# 01/09/24 08:55 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_January2024.xlsx 46.4 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 02/07/24 03:38 PM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_February2024.xlsx 52.7 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 03/07/24 05:00 PM
CFSquarterlysummary_Q32023.xlsx 41.5 KB
None 03/29/24 08:32 AM
CFSCreditTransferActivityReport_March2024.xlsx 53.6 KB
Monthly Credit Trans... 04/08/24 05:14 PM

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