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Refrigerants Management Program

HFC/Refrigerants end-of-life management program recommendations

Welcome to the EZView page for Ecology's development of a refrigerant management program. We will use this site to share information and draft documents as we implement Section 14 of Engrossed Second Substitue House Bill 1050 (2021). This section of the legislation requires Ecology to provide recommendations to the Legislature about how to design a program to address proper end-of-life management of HFC and other refrigerants. These chemicals are found in many commerical, industrial, and consumer products including air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, some fire suppression systems, auto AC recharge products, and tire inflators. Ecology is including all potential sources of HFCs and other ozone-depleting substances in the scope of these recommendations, regardless of their source.

We are specifically asked to address:

  1. The legal and financial obligations to support or participate in the program applicable to refrigerant manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers, and to refrigerant-using equipment owner-operators and service technicians;
  2. A funding mechanism for refrigerant recovery and disposal activities carried out by the program that will also provide a financial incentive for the recovery and emission-reducing management of refrigerants that are no longer of utility to a consumer; and
  3. Performance goals and operational standards for activities carried out by the program to collect, transport, and recycle, reuse, or dispose of refrigerants.

Ecology is required to provide these recommendations in a report to the Legislature no later than December 1, 2021. This work and associated report are separate from the work and report in Section 9 of the legislation.

Refrigerant management EZView site

We will use this site to post and share information about our work related to Section 14 of E2SHB 1050. There is other work required under the bill, but this EZView page is only related to the work under Section 14. 

We want your input!

Ecology is especially interested in hearing about:

  • How to encourage proper recycling and disposal of household equipment that contains refrigerants.
  • Ideas for incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to safely dispose of unwanted refrigerants and refrigerated equipment.
  • Ideas for incentives to encourage businesses to reuse or recycle refrigerants in their equipment.
  • Challenges that businesses and equipment manufacturers may face in transitioning to safer refrigerants.
  • Examples from other states or jurisdictions with incentive programs encouraging reuse or recycling of refrigerants as well as users’ experience with those programs.
  • Costs associated with proper recycling and disposal of refrigeration equipment and other items containing refrigerants or HFCs.
  • Who should be responsible for costs associated with recycling or reclamation of refrigerants.
    • For example, what are some possible funding sources for incentive programs?
    • Should refrigerant manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, or others should be required to participate in an extended producer responsibility or product stewardship program (similar to Washington’s E-Cycle program)?

Register for our webinars for information and to provide suggestions

We're hosting two webinar opportunities in June and July. We will use these webinars to provide an overview of our project and give interested parties and members of the public an opportunity to give us suggestions and other input. The majority of each webinar will focus on discussion with stakeholders.

The webinars will be held:

Click the link to register for the date you want to attend. We welcome participants to attend both webinars if they want to hear comments from other stakeholders.

Want to know more about this project?

For more information, please contact project team lead Kimberly Goetz at (360) 819-7080 or kimberly.goetz@ecy.wa.gov

If you have not already done so, we recommend you subscribe to Ecology's HFCs listserv to receive updates and invitations for public comment. Just go to HFC Listserv Signup.

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Project Schedule as of 6/10/21
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