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Water Transfer Working Group

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 The Water Transfer Working Group (WTWG) is a voluntary team of agency representatives, water managers, and water users who provide technical review of proposed water right transfers in the Yakima River basin. The group identifies water right transfers that could be quickly and easily approved.

WTWG reviews water right transfer proposals submitted by prospective water users in the Yakima River basin. The group uses a predetermined set of guidelines intended to protect other water rights and the Yakima River and tributary streams.

If WTWG determines a proposed transfer is consistent with the guidelines, they will indicate that the water right transfer is recommended. This determination will likely increase the chance the applicant will receive approval from Yakima County Superior Court or Ecology. WTWG will help applicants make adjustments so their proposed transfers can be recommended. If a proposed transfer is not recommended, the applicant is still free to apply to Ecology or the court for approval.

Previous years archive of agendas, meeting minutes and proposals are available upon request. Contact Chris Anderson.

WY 2018 meetings

Next meeting November 6 - (Call in Number: (303) 445-3914, password 1245)

Next meeting October 2

WY 2017 meetings

August 28 at 1pm

August 7 at 1pm

July 10 - meeting canceled

June 5

May 1

April 3

March 6

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  • Previous Business
  • Proposals:
    • 2017-40 Kelly
    • 2017-39 Yakima Nation Land Enterprises
    • 2017-38 Kittitas County Board of Commissioners (Schnebly)
    • 2017-37 Kittitas County Board of Commissioners (Schnebly)
    • 2017-36 Kittitas County Board of Commissioners (Schnebly)
    • 2017-35 Kittitas County Board of Commissioners (Schnebly)

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Trevor Hutton
CRO Section Supervisor, Water Resources Program
(509) 454-4240

Chris Anderson
Web Coordinator, Water Resources Program

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